3D Ornament Stickers


Craft Peel Off Stickers 3D ornament designs,  new colours and styles.

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Ornament Craft Sticker 441 Star


Ornament Craft  Sticker Star

Ornament Sticker 3D 442


Ornament Sticker Gold Window 3D

Ornament Craft Sticker 822 Hologram


Ornament Craft Sticker Hologram

Ornament & Corner Sticker 824 Hologram


Ornament & Corner  Sticker  Hologram Colours

Ornamental Corners 827 Hologram


Craft Sticker Ornamental Corners 827 Hologram

Ornament 3D 872 Hologram Sticker Blue


3D Ornamental Corners  Hologram Sticker
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Ornament Sticker 1015 Round Doylie White with Rainbow


Ornament Sticker  Round Doylie

Ornament Sticker 1016 3D Oval


Ornament Sticker 3D Oval

Assorted colours

Ornament Sticker 1017

Ornament Craft Sticker  Gold

Ornament 3DSticker Gold 1044


Ornament Sticker Gold
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Ornament 3D Sticker 1045 Gold


3D Ornament Craft sticker Gold
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Ornament Sticker 1070 Medallion


Ornament Sticker Medallion 1070

3D Ornament Sticker 1074 Diamond


3D Ornament Sticker Diamond

Ornament 3D Sticker 1076


3D Ornament Stickers

Ornament 3S Sticker 1084 Gold


3D Ornament Sticker Gold
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Ornament 3D Sticker 1085 Butterfly Doiley


Ornament 3D Sticker  Buterfly Doiley

Mandala Sticker DD7502 Gold

Mandala Sticker DD7504

Mandala Craft Stickers, choose from traditional gold or silver for stunning results or get creative with black and white