Elizabeth Craft and Leadlight

These fantastic stickers are great however you use them.
Fantastic with Jac paper and glitter then colour with you copic pens

Elizabeth Craft 0355 Candles

Candles Black Elizabeth Craft

Elizabeth Craft 2478 Cakes

Elizabeth Craft 2544 Presents

Elizabeth Craft 038 Star Flowers

Elizabeth Craft 2341 Ladybugs and Butterflies

Elizabeth Craft 0412 Large Butterflies

Leadlight Sticker 01 Parrots

Leadlight Sticker Parrots

Leadlight Sticker 027 Flowers

Leadlight Sticker 317 Leadlight Gardens Gold


Leadlight Craft Sticker Gardens Gold

Leadlight Sticker 0357 Garden Delight

Leadlight Sticker 899 Faberge Eggs Silver


Craft Ornament Sticker  Faberge Eggs

Leadlight Sticker 1099 Three designs


Craft Sticker Ornaments 3 Designs with Borders

Leadlight Sticker 810115 Mosaics